Personal Residential Storage Units in Raeford

Convenient storage units that won’t break the bank

Storage for Decluttering Your Life

We make finding the right storage solution as easy as possible

Household storage provides a solution to a number of self storage needs including: moving, remodeling, making room for the in-laws, ancillary storage for apartment and small studio dwellers, and more! 

Our storage facility offers storage units that can be utilized for all of your household storage needs!

How to Use Your Storage Unit

Check out this list of tips for making the most out of your self storage unit. When you’re ready to rent, Highway 401 Self Storage has the perfect storage unit for your needs in Raeford, NC. We also have U-Haul trucks you can rent to get your items to your storage unit!

Renting the Correct Storage Unit

Before deciding to rent a storage unit, take an assessment of the items you need to store. 

For example, if you have a 6-room house, go through each room and determine which items you want to store in the unit and which items you want to get rid of. Include in your assessment both indoor and outdoor areas. 

Tell us the amount of rooms you need to store and we will tell you the appropriate size unit you will need to rent.

It is best to rent a unit that is a little bit bigger than the items you need to store.

Sketch Out a Placement Layout

After you have rented your storage unit, sketch out where to place items in your unit. Divide the space into two types–furniture and boxes. 

As you are sketching, place large furniture in the back of the unit and smaller items in the front. 

Include at least one path for getting around the unit. Sketch an area for odd-shaped boxes and items. 

If you have a lot of outdoor equipment, make sure you include ample space for those items.


If you haven’t done so already, label any boxes with the name of the contents. 

Use large block letters and make sure the label is visible on at least two sides. Tape all boxes securely. 

Also, make large signs to hang in your storage unit labeling each area. Example: “Furniture,” “Boxes” and “Misc.”

Moving Items

When you are moving items into your unit, place the furniture inside first, outdoor items next and then the boxes. 

Follow your sketch and remember to keep a path for walking around the unit. Stack large boxes on the bottom and move up in a “pyramid” formation. 

Bring along a broom and dustpan to clean up the unit after you have moved in your items. Once done, lock up your unit.

Storing Clothes
  1. Start Fresh. The best weapon against permanent stains and moths? Ultra-clean clothing. Oils of any kind, even perfume residue, can settle into fabrics and attract pests, so launder every item you plan to store. Ironing is optional but skip the starch, which can turn fabrics brittle over time.

  2. Pick the right container! Consider storing summer clothes in suitcases. Find affordable ones at flea markets or discount stores. They’re more breathable than plastic bins and don’t attract insects, like the glue in cardboard boxes can. Prefer to use the cedar chest? Make sure to lightly sand it every year to reactivate its ability to remain moth repellent.

  3. Peel off the plastic. Has your favorite summer dress been dry-cleaned? Before storing , take it out of the dry cleaners plastic bag which can promote moisture.

  4. Pack strategically, reduce wrinkling by placing the heaviest items on the bottom of your suitcase, box or bin. Use layers of tissue paper or clean pillowcases to separate delicate items.

  5. Remove jewelry. Take off metal belts and brooches to prevent ugly oxidation stains.

Storing A Vehicle

Have you decided to put your car into storage for the winter months or for an extended period of time?

Yet you also want to be able to get it back onto the road and find it in the same condition as when it went into storage? Take the time to prepare your vehicle for storage and you will be back on the road in no time.

We have indoor and outdoor space available for vehicle storage. Our 10×20 space will accommodate passenger vehicles and light trucks.

The 5×10 space will store a motorcycle with the accessories. The outdoor space available is nearly 2 acres of gravel open area. We can accommodate any size vehicle, boat, camper etc.