Storing Clothes

Start Fresh.

The best weapon against permanent stains and moths? Ultra-clean clothing, Oils of any kind, even perfume residue, can settle into fabrics and attract pests, so launder every item you plan to store. Ironing is optional but skip the starch, which can turn fabrics brittle over time.

Pick the right container!

Consider storing summer clothes in suitcases. Find affordable ones at flea markets or discount stores. They’re more breathable than plastic bins and don’t attract insects, like the glue in cardboard boxes can. Prefer to use the cedar chest? Make sure to lightly sand it every year to reactivate its ability to remain moth repellent.

Peel off the plastic.

Had your favorite summer dress dry cleaned? Before storing , take it out of the dry cleaners plastic bag which can promote moisture.

Pack strategically.

Reduce wrinkling by placing the heaviest items on the bottom of your suitcase, box or bin. Use layers of tissue paper or clean pillowcases to separate delicate items.

Remove jewelry.

Take off metal belts and brooches to prevent ugly oxidation stains.

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