State-of-the-Art Security

The Value of Peace of Mind

We know that when you place your valuables in storage, you want to know that they’ll be safe from theft and burglary.  At Hwy. 401 Storage, we take your trust in us very seriously, and thus we’ve installed state of the art security systems to insure the highest level of safety for you and your storage items.

Here are the six important ways we keep you safe and your belongings secure:

1. Ample Lighting

Lighting is critical to your safety. We have installed ample lighting throughout the property so that you feel secure arriving at and leaving from your unit at all hours of the day and evening. Lighting is prominent inside all buildings and hallways.

2. Property Maintenance

We keep our facility clean. We provide general upkeep such as cutting the grass, refreshing paint, having a neat office and clean, well lit areas in the units buildings.

We have learned that well-kept property is a deterrent to criminal activity.

3. Surveillance Cameras

24 Hour DVR video security cameras are placed throughout the property and are monitored by screens in the office of our onsite manager.

Security provided by Gill Security Systems, Inc.

4. Perimeter Fencing

Our entire property is surrounded by 10-foot chain link fencing that keeps strangers from walking in or around our facility.

5. Locked Gate

Access to your unit is through an electronic gate.  You are given your own unique passcode to gain entrance through the gate, and once you’re inside the gate, it electronically closes and locks.  There’s also a convenient feature --- our office is accessible without having to go through the locked gate.

6. Onsite Management

Our onsite manager, Teresa Sprankle, is fantastic.  She continually gets high praise from our clients for the level of customer service she offers.  Teresa is here to keep an eye on your property and to make your rental and storage go as smoothly as possible.

7. Cylinder Locking System

Each unit in our facility is secured with a cylinder locking system.  These locks are made of rugged stainless steel and have no dangling parts that can be cut open.  The keys cannot be copied.  All customers are provided with a cylinder lock, free of charge, when they sign up for a unit.